Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pepper Place Crit

Me w/ Floyd Landis compliments of Smith & Nephew
Race Report:

Sweet pics here!

The race was changed from 30 minutes to 25 minutes because the race schedule was running behind. So we get the Cat 5 party started and about 15 minutes in I was feeling pretty decent considering the lack of intensity training. There was the typical yo-yoing, people not holding their line and guys charging and falling back. Turn 1 and 2 were the worst on the course and the back stretch would have been smoother if covered in gravel.

The whole race I stayed near the front, consistently 10th-15th. As usual, I was thinking too much. Should I try to move up to about 5th and sit in? Should I just launch it right here and see what happens, maybe stretch things out? Well, I just held my position and wanted to conserve until lap 2. We came off turn 2 and the pace ramped to about 26-27 mph. I looked at my timer and it read 21 minutes so in my mind we had at least one more lap and this was where I was going to make my move to the front. We came out of turn 4 and there were some guys in front of me that popped leaving me gapped from the pack and they were on the gas so I couldn't bridge. Turns out I didn't see that we were actually on the last lap and the sprint was happening before my eyes. My best result went straight out the window or rather straight off the back.

I don't really know my placement, I think I could have placed top 5 but there was another lesson learned in this one, look for the lap number and forget the time.

Well, the Pepper Place Crit is behind me now and I really didn't have any goals going into this race because of this thing called life. This season has brought a ton of changes in my fitness and motivation. First, I was just a guy that casually rode mountain bikes then decided to get a road bike in March after being invited to ride with
TeamCCR, racing mountain and road. Second, I've never really trained for anything in my life but cycling has really opened my eyes to realizing ones potential if you train a little harder than casual riding. Lastly, went from riding 17 miles on my mountain bike to doing 100 mile training rides with friends and trying to hang on to the "Tria Train" Tuesday Night Worlds dropped every time, oh well.

Honestly, this whole season I have been striving to get on the podium but I really didn't have a plan of attack on the season. So, as the season progressed I had to remind myself that it would be wise to just use this year to learn about my fitness and the sport in general. For example, don't laugh, but yesterday I realized that there is a lap counter that they hold out to let you know how many laps are left. I guess when you're in a Cat 5 race and guys really don't know how to ride their bikes in a straight line....laps left are not really my concern.

I guess to close out this post I'll say that I've found an area in life that I can grow while staying fit and loving people. If you've been reading, I hope that somehow my posts have inspired something in you to press on. This is a close to my 2008 race season but the start of my 2009 preparation.

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be weight training during the off season to transition into my base phase for 09. Stay tuned for hopeful progress.

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