Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Learn or Not to Learn

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This time last year I was stressing out about what training plan I was going to following for 2009 and I was starting a whole new plan of attack on my season. I had never wrote out a training plan or even knew how to for that matter. I pushed on though. This was about learning and not perfection.

I purchased Joe Friel's book, The Cyclist's Training Bible, and started devising a plan. I was pretty intimidated by the whole process and a bit worried if I could even pull off a training plan. What do I do? Do I add a weight lifting program, because some say not to? What is the "right" way to train? Why are there different methods? I had a ton of questions.

Anyways, so I wrote it all down, planned for the races to come and figured out when I was going to "peak" and all, as the book said. I didn't have a clue what it meant to actually "peak" in the physical sense of the word, although I'd heard the term thrown around by the elite level guys.

I built a huge base, relative to casual riding before and it showed early on in local training races. I felt more confident in my decisions to attack and being more than pack fill. Fitness was coming on and then I crashed during one of the training races and took a huge shot to my road psyche. Combine that with the speed wobbling issues later in the season and I just couldn't do the "plan" any justice on the road but stayed consistent on the mountain bike.

So, 2010 for me is all about learning from the mistakes that I made in 2009. Did I do everything right? Absolutely not but I learned. That's what this sport is about, learning and striving to get better in whatever areas you identify as weaknesses.

What areas are you learning and improving on this year?

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  1. i am not in my 5th year and am still learning a lot year to year. i think i made a big break through last year as to finding what works for me. so i am applying that to my training this year and I 100% positive i will make some mistakes this year... and learn from them and apply it to the future.

    that's what it's all about... doing what you can, learning from mistakes, and continual improvement.


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