Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chicken Hawk Classic 2010

This past weekend was the Chicken Hawk Classic (Bamacross #2) at Cooper Green Park in Birmingham, AL.

Going into this race and the race before, I've really only had one goal in mind and that's to learn. I'm not entering to set land speed records or see who I can beat. The only person I'm competing against is myself. Maybe if I was actually fit enough to compete, I would have a different attitude but I'm nowhere near fit.

Bamacross #1 was on the same course and boy did I eat a piece of humble pie, along with the 4 inches of dust on my teeth. Long story short, I pushed my body into an asthmatic state (throat closing) and puked about the second lap, so, it was survival mode from there to the finish (one more lap). Plus, I started in the very back of the pack, finishing 3 of 4 laps on paper but continued pushing to complete my 4 laps. Basically, riding in a race.

Fast forward to the Chicken Hawk Classic (Bamacross #2) and the main goals were to get a better start, which I did, and not puke, which I saved for after the race.

So, before we took off the race official dude said that it would only be 3 laps. What would any normal racer do? Prepare and push for 3 laps.

We're off and I'm hanging in the top 15 but I just can't seem to get a handle on the run-ups. They just kill the energy, which is the whole intent. I was constantly on the edge of puking the whole time, so, I kept the pace moderate again, surviving til the end.

What I thought was the end (3 laps), from what I'm told, was not the end (4 laps). So, I finished my 3 laps and since no one informed me otherwise, I headed to the car to not puke in front of everyone. Yeah, I'm considerate like that.

Not that I was killing it enough to really care about my placement but come on, tell a brotha'. "Hey man, I know you're about to puke your guts up but you have one more lap." "Thanks man, I deposit my thoughts on the back side of the course." - Justin

I think it took me more time to recover than my whole race effort, ha. I was pretty jacked up. I guess when you're racing totally anaerobic, it helps to train anaerobic.

All in all it was good times and fun was had by all. Hopefully there's a course in the series that I can do halfway decent. I'll know how to prepare for next year though! At least, that's what I keep telling myself

This is a sick and twisted sport, cyclocross is, and I guess I keyed in on the sick, hoping to get twisted.

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  1. Sounds pretty brutal. It's a shame they didn't let you know they added a fourth lap.


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